Pictured here are a variety of mine lamps that do not appear in the proper individual lamp type albums
Hazleton Machinery Supply Co. - Hazleton, PA
       Pocket Style Oilwick   Trethaway Bros. - Parsons, PA
       Pocket Style Oilwick  Trethaway Bros. - Parsons, PA
Open-Face Blende   Lamp - Saxony
Blende Lamp    Sideview
Taiyo Carbide Lamp        S.E. Asia
Hand Oilwick - Alexander Battye            Leeds, England
   Pocket Style Oilwick  Crown - Wm. Tunnessen
Pocket Style Oilwick - Crown - Wm. Tunnessen
Pocket Style Oilwick - D.D. Williams Patent
Shielded Mule Lamp
Hand Oilwick H.L. Piper      Montreal  Canada
    Hand Oilwick Lamp
Lille France - dated 1888
Friemann & Wolf Model   911m Carbide Lamp
Hand Carbide Lamp         Portugal
Oilwick Hand Lamp       Germany
Mulkay Safety Lamp     Leige Belgium
W.E. Teale & Co., Ltd.
Swinton, Lancashire            England
Baby Patterson Safety      Lamp -England
  Safety Lamp Czechoslovakia
Baby Wolf - England.
Cosset-Dubrelle        France
Pocket Style Oilwick - Crown - Wm.Tunnessen
Copper Frog Lamp - Germany
Frog Lamp - France
Shielded Mule Lamp
Oilwick Cap Lamp.- Trethaway Bros.
Oilwick Cap Lamp - Trethaway Bros.
Presentation Oilwick Lamp
Baldwin Lamp - John Simmons Co.
Mule Lamp
Baldwin Hand Carbide Lamp
Copper Mule Lamp
Brass Mule Lamp
Arnold Carbide Candle
Wm. Pleasants Pat'd Mar. 28, 1899
Lindahl Candlestick with Match Holder Handle
Unmarked Candlestick
Unmarked Candlestick
Newcastle Style     Davy Lamp
Hughes Bros. Vest-Pocket    Davy Lamp
 English Fire Boss Unbonneted Clanny 
  Hughes Bros. Fire Boss Davy
Hughes Bros. Fire   Boss Davy with      Beard-Mackie           Indicator.
Beard-Mackie     Indicator
Simmons Pioneer Cap Lamp   with 3-way Folding Handle
W.B.Bertels Wilkes-Barre, PA
Demon Strike Light        Australia
Pinchwaist Baldwin John Simmons Co.
John Simmons Co.
Trethaway Bros Oilwick with Drip Ring and Wire Boot-Kick
Justrite Uncle Sam No.308
      Lu-Mi-Num         Fred R. Belt Mfg. Co.
Justrite Western Special
Justrite Western Special
R. Aebi & Co.      Zurich
Dewar ITP
Justrite Arizona Special
   Dew-R-Lite Dewar Mfg. Co.
   Dewar ITP Dewar Mfg. Co.
Small Cast Brass Mule Lamp
Larger Cast Brass Mule Lamp
Copper & Brass Unmarked Hanging Oilwick
Unmarked Hanging Oilwick
Friemann & Wolf Model    918e Carbide Lamp
Aluminum Carbide Lamp            Germany
.Oilwick Lamp
Oilwick Hand Lamp - Vacuum Oil Co.
Filed Semi-Fancy Candlestick
Lindahl Handle Cap
Octagonal lenticular Lamp
Octagonal Lenticular Lamp
Lenticular Lamp
Lenticular Lamp - Chile